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Our range of quality proven and environment friendly dyestuffs are widely used for dyeing and a host of applications in diverse industries. Enlisted are the various applications and the industries we cater to:

In textiles, acid dyes are highly effective on protein fibres, i.e. animal hair fibres like wool, alpaca, cashmere and Silk. Additionally they are also used on synthetic protein fibre like nylon.

Direct dyes are one of the most versatile classes of dyestuff. These dyes have innate bonding quality especially for cotton, and for other cellulosic fibres. Direct dyes are mainly used on cotton, and can also be used on leather, wool, silk and nylon.

The leather industry primarily makes use of anionic dyestuffs suitable for optimum leather dyeing. We have developed a special range of dyes, best suited for dyeing of leather. The shades developed have good light fastness.

Paper Industry:
We have a select range of Direct Dyes and Basic Dyes which are used for beater dyeing and other paper applications. We also have a range of acid dyes which are used in aqueous inks , paper, crepes and fine tissues etc

Fabric Whitener:
We have developed special grade of dyes which are used as a fabric whitener.

Detergents and Cleaners:
Colorquip offers dyes specialised for household detergents, industrial & institutional cleaners, and HI&I (Household, Industrial & Institutional Cleaners). We have developed several dyes with an accurate composition as per the norms of the industry. They have precise pH value and are non-toxic in nature and compatible in the cleaning agents industry.

Our products are designed to help you manufacture your HI&I, detergent, or soap products by providing the following properties:

• Variety of colors and also custom made colours as per need
• Good Light and heat fastness which will offer color stability to avoid fading or changing colour over time.
• We offer these products in liquid as well as powder form.
• Strong technical support, custom formulation and prompt shipping.

Ink Industry:
Dyes for Textile Inks - Our select range of acid dyes produce vivid and brilliant colors on animal fibers, including wool, leather, silk, and synthetic protein fibres, such as nylon, by utilizing their acidic properties.

Ink Grade Dyes - This is our newest addition of specialised dyes which have a low salt content (slightly higher than salt free grade) and is suitable for regular inks

Salt free dyes for Ink Jet Inks - Colorquip has been pioneering in this field of Salt free dyes. We have developed a highly qualitative range of select few salt free dyes which are used in inkjet inks. These dyes have very low salt content and are high in purity.

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